1. Green Sky Roofing, Islington hereby certifies that all work included in this contract was carried out in strict accordance with all the requirements of current Building Regulations. All materials meet required British Standards and were used in accordance with the specifications outlined by the roofing product manufacturer and are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.


2. Green Sky Roofing, Islington hereby guarantees all new roofs, domestic and commercial, for a period of (10) ten years, starting on the date of project completion. We are also covered by an insurance backed guarantee: for the purpose of the insurance backed guarantee, cover is for a maximum of 10 years from the date of completion. This guarantee does not extend to any deficiency which was caused by the failure of work which Green Sky Roofing did not accomplish or was not charged to accomplish.


a. On all UPVs Fascia and Soffits the guarantee is 5 years.


b. On installation of guttering systems a maximum of 2 year guarantee period is available due to the fact UPVs guttering plastic walling is thinner than fascia plastics and therefore the plastics expand and contract making the rubbers move. This can vary with seasonal weather temperatures and conditions. A further guarantee extension of 3 years to a maximum of 5 years is available when a contractual Annual Full Gutter Clean Out and Inspection is agreed and paid for.


c. Guarantee exclusions: Green Sky Roofing, Islington can only give a guarantee on rebedding of actual roof tiles and hip bonnets due to the fact that the repair has been carried out on an existing roof. Although we may use a number of tiles or slates in the process of the repair, Green Sky Roofing are not liable for any slipping, missing, displaced tiles or slates thereafter.


3. Green Sky Roofing, Islington will repair or cause to be repaired, at our own cost and expense, any and all deficiencies attributable to faulty materials and/or workmanship in a manner pursuant to the total anticipated life of the roof system and in accordance with the roofing manufacturers standards and to the extent necessary to return the roof to a watertight condition for the duration of the guarantee period, subject to the terms and conditions listed below. Further, Green Sky Roofing will respond within 5 business days upon proper notification of leaks or defects by the owner or by the responsible party so designated.


a. Included in this guarantee are all costs associated with damage to the property and contents which this guarantee covers. This does not include minor damages to landscaping caused by waste container placement or minor scuffs/dents in siding, eaves trough, landscaping, or other areas damaged by falling debris. If major damage is caused to landscaping, or other property features (as above mentioned) the full cost of repair will be charged directly to Green Sky Roofing. Major damages include, but are not limited to: broken, irreparable, or drastically altered siding, fascia, eaves trough, windows etc. and landscaping damages such as cracked sidewalks, holes or deep grooves in lawn surface etc. Green Sky Roofing reserves the right to select an appropriate contractor to complete any needed replacement or repairs to return the property or building contents to the condition they were in before damages occurred. If repairs are completed without notification of Green Sky Roofing or by any other contractor not chosen by Green Sky Roofing (unless Green Sky Roofing has granted approval in writing of such repairs) the cost of the repair will not be covered by Green Sky Roofing.


b. Excluded from this guarantee are damages to the work caused by: (1) lightning, windstorm, hailstorm and other unusual phenomena of the elements; and (2) fire; and (3) vandalism. When the roof has been damaged by any of the forgoing causes, the guarantee shall be null and void until such damage has been repaired by Green Sky Roofing and until the cost and expense thereof has been paid in full by the owner or by the responsible party so designated.


c. During the duration of the Guarantee Period, if alteration is done to the work by anyone other than Green Sky Roofing, including cutting, patching, maintenance and/or the positioning of anything on the roof, this guarantee shall become null and void upon the date of said alterations. If the owner engages Green Sky Roofing to perform said alterations, the Guarantee shall not become null and void unless Green Sky Roofing, prior to proceeding with the said work, shall have notified the owner or other responsible party as designated in writing, showing reasonable cause for the claim that said alterations would likely damage or deteriorate the work, thereby reasonably justifying a termination of this guarantee.


d. Future building additions will not void this Guarantee, except for the portion of the future addition that might affect the work under this contract at the point of connection of the roof areas, and any damage caused by such addition. If this contract is for roofing of an additional to an existing building, then this guarantee covers the work involved at the point of connection with the existing roof only upon the inspection of the connection point by Green Sky Roofing and only if the additional work at the connection point is deemed acceptable by Green Sky Roofing in writing within 30 days of the completion of the addition. The owner or designated party must notify Green Sky Roofing of any addition work that will connect to the work included in this contract within 3 business days of the completion of the addition. If the owner or designated party fails to notify Green Sky Roofing with this time, the work at the connection point will no longer be covered within this guarantee.


e. The owner or designated party shall notify Green Sky Roofing within 24 hours of observed, known, or suspected leaks, defects, deterioration and/or damage caused by the elements and will allow Green Sky Roofing the opportunity to inspect the work and to examine the evidence of such leaks, damage or deterioration.


4. This guarantee is transferable one time up to 10 years by original purchaser to the subsequent owner of the property provided that contractor receives written notice of the transfer within 30 days of the property title transfer. Failure to notify contractor in writing within 30 days of transfer will relieve contractor of any future obligation as stated. The warranty is non-transferable for repairs.








We ensure our Company continually meets the highest standards in home improvement and agree to adhere to the following:

1. Supply a written quotation when submitting a tender for contract
2. Comply with all laws, Statutory Regulations and Building Regulations
3. Maintain adequate Employer’s and Public Liability insurance
4. Respect the homeowner’s rights and their privacy and take all steps to ensure the security of their home and a safe working environment
5. Ensure that all work is started and completed on the agreed dates and that any unavoidable changes are clearly communicated to the homeowner
6. Arrive at the agreed time for appointments with the homeowner and to give advance warning of any unavoidable delay
7. Ensure that all work is completed to pre-defined specifications and budgets as defined in an agreed contract. All changes must be communicated and agreed with the homeowner prior to proceeding
8. Ensure that all works are completed to the highest possible standards and that all guaranteed elements of work are agreed
9. Leave all areas clean and tidy at the end of the day and to remove all rubbish upon completing the contract
10. Ensure that all colleagues and sub-contractors meet these standards at all times
11. Provide a written guarantee to cover workmanship and materials and a HIP Deposit protection and Guarantee Insurance on each contract






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